2nd Quarterly Meeting June 10, 2020

Annual Merit Award Ceremony



The Maryland Law Enforcement Officers, Inc. is continuing its policy of acknowledging commendatory service above and beyond the normal course of duty performed by law enforcement officers within the State of Maryland. Within the scope of this policy, our organization will select a nominee statewide for Law Enforcement and Corrections. 

Criteria for this award:

1. An officer who, while in a life threatening situation, acts in a manner above and beyond the call of duty.

2. The actions of the officer involved, must stem from a single event in which his/her life was placed in jeopardy, while saving the life of another or affecting the apprehension of a dangerous felon.

3. May only be awarded to one officer. Exceptions may be made for an additional officer from the same action or event if the heroism of both officers is of equal magnitude.

4. The intent of this award is to honor an individual officer, thus no teams or units are eligible.